Saturday, July 29, 2006

Chazak Amenu We Stand As One
The Bruin Boy Bunch Stands with Israel ... it's a great video... check it out

Friday, July 28, 2006

Two Down Two To Go

What light on morning window breaks.... it is the morning of your exit Miss Morgan... and our house full of females is slowly dropping in numbers.

Once we were many then Ashleigh left for camp

Now Morgan, on wings of Jet Blue is working her way back (actually she is probably sleeping) to Florida. And what once Four is now Two.

Before Morgan left she we did a little back to school shopping and fashion show.

, then off for a media pedi a little dinner and then it was time to say her good-bys .

First a goodby to Bubbie

And then it was Shomers turn. And finally this morning at the airport Barry waited until the absolutely last moment to say good bye. It was a great summer and I know that I speak for all of us in California when I say

I love you and I will miss you, and I can't wait for you to come back this winter."

and that is how my day started with a shrinking house that was once 4 and then it went to 3 and now it is two.

Morgan realized that with the new guitar case on her back she was finally a head taller.

It was a great summer ... and Morgan, here are a few more pitures to help you remember the summer. This is only a small sample of the pictures I took... but Morgan remember your disks.

Stay posted fo more interesting pictures

Thursday, July 27, 2006


so the girls could say good buy to some friends.....

Shomer was there and ready to party... so was Sammie

We would have really had a great time if it weren't for the fact that it was 110 degrees.

Don't they all look sweet... don't let it fool you ... in this heat no one is sweet... but we did have a good time.

The First Chick Jumps Ship
We started the summer with all our girls
and it was good
but it could not last forever
and at 9:00 this morning our four turned into three

That's right Miss Ashleigh Tucker Hayflich left for camp this morning... for those of you who care to write to her the address is:

Ashleigh Hayflich
Camp Ramah in California
P.O. Box 158
Ojai, CA 93024

Or you can log in and see her pictures at camp (only if she gets in front of the camera) go to the password is: ramah2006 log in and look for her.

at 8:00 tomorrow morning our next little chick jumps ship...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Time to ride the GOLD LINE

We moved our field trip to last Sunday so even though we lost a few people we had others who were able to take their places.

The riders were Bubbie, Barry, Ashleigh, Morgan and me. The weather was a little hot (103 degrees) and a little muggy, but we were having fun.

We started on the Orange Line Ashleigh, Bubbie and Morgan were seat buddies

All the way to North Hollywood and it was onto the RED Line where we did get to see one of the Sunday morning art tours which was quite fascinating to listen to, we didn't get to listen for very long so it will have to be something we put on the list for Camp Mom.

Anyway, this time we did the whole Red line all the way to Union Station where we caught the GOLD line it was just one short stop and we were in China Town.

We had lunch at the Empress Garden (a little DimSum never hurt anyone, as long as you don't ask what your eating).
Then it was time to explore.

Ashleigh thought she would try a little fan dancing. We got a little nervous when she was dancing inside the store

After the fans she found the hats
she found Fingernails.... and then some Yes Ashleigh had a good time.

Morgan on the other hand spent some time examining the world through Orange Jello and just having a good time with her Dad ,
her sister and her Bubbie


and if anyone ever wondered why I like the metro when we do field trips ...
It's Because I don't have to drive home alone.... while all the exhausted travelers sleep.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Camp MOM....

The group is getting smaller Marissa is off to Palm Springs, there are only 2 Wednesdays left until Ashleigh and Morgan leave and Bubbie planned all her appointments for Wednesdays and she really wants to go with us. So after this trip to the California Science Center (Orange line to the Red line get off at 7th and Fig (Metro Center) and take the Dash F) we will do China Town on Sunday and then we will leave that last short week up in the air you know camp shopping and stuff.

So what was happening at the California Science Center http://www.californiascienceter.orgorg right now the big thing is the Super Hero Exhibit. It was a very interesting exhibit they were showing what was actually going on with each Super Hero and how it would actually work in the real world.

So Morgan had the opportunity to try being the HULK

Ashleigh got to do some Thermal Dancing We just can't remember which Super Hero this was suppose to be.

But I think we all liked it when the girls were able to draw their own Super Hero's and Marissa drew a picture of her Brother Sean (Celia's Fiance).

After the Super Hero Exhibit we went to the High Wire Bike and I don't think I have laughed that much in a long time... and it was fun all those brave girls ... until they actually got on the bike.

I thought that they were all going to chicken out one at a time.... but they didn't they all rode the bike and they were all shaking, and some of them were even screaming...

Marissa decided that she needed one more adventure a little rock climbing

It was a great day.... but it is time to go home....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

No We Are Not Crazy!

The process of selecting a college is not easy...for the child or the parent you are all looking for different things.... what degrees are available? class size? Housing? sports teams? parties? and in Sam's case the location and frequency of Bomb Shelters. Now we were not originally looking for that kind of information when she decided to go on Nativ but this was a program that she was talking about long before the latest breaking news coming out of Israel . Family and Friends have all been asking why, last night my Aunt Bubbles really got me with
"Tell me your not sending my beautiful niece into that mess"

The answer is that "no I am not sending her she, is going willingly and with much excitement"

When Samantha went on USY pilgrimage back in 2004 she left more interested in being with her friends and seeing the world. What more is there at 16 that to be with 44 of your favorite people and 5 countries in 6 weeks. It was, to quote her the summer of a lifetime and she was right. After that trip she came back with a new mission, first to go on HeChalutzim (spelling doesn't count) which she did in February of 2005 and she learned to heard goats (go ahead and ask her about it), and then to go on Nativ to spend her first year in college in Israel studying and helping make the country better and stronger.

Yes that really is her taking care of the weeds on the hill.

Sam loves Israel and that is her passion... so how can you tell a kid to find something to be passionate about and then when they do, not support them in their endeavors.

Living has its risks and if you don't take life on with everything you have offered to you, then there will always some questions left with regards to what you have done.

When she is questioned about the situation in Israel she has basically 2 answers:

1. It's about F_ _ _ing time that Israel was able to defend itself.

2. She equated being afraid to the 1st level of hell in "Dante's Inferno" those people who sit on the fence and stand for nothing and she does not want that.

So we have 49 more days until Sammie leaves to follow her passion and never be accused of sitting on a wall. Everyone keep a prayer in your heart and an eye on the blog to see how she is doing.