Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You say BITCH as if it's a bad thing

the reason behind the title is long and involved.... but as you look at these pictures remember BITCH stands for:

Totally in
Control of

there is a certain bond that sisters have... you can try to create it with other groups of people but it's not the same, and even when separated there is something...if only science could figure it out... because there is not always genetic link but there but there is always an emotional one.

and being referred to as a BITCH in this company well I consider it a compliment


Sunday, May 25, 2008

The wedding day that wasn't

We actually had a great day and accomplished a lot of things... some were the must dos others were the want to dos.
So we got most of Celia's stuff out of the apartment... and then we went to Maddies house.....

after the must dos it was time for fun dos or maybe it was the new hair dos (no that will be for a separate blog)

But that doesn't mean we weren't going to use some of the stuff that I made for the wedding.

and then we had the big girls who wanted to play with stuff I made.

So what do you do when

you call off a wedding?

Now I must tell you this is something I have never experienced before... it is one of those moments that you hear about but never expect to actually have to live through... but when we are posed with the situation we pulled together as family and we celebrated as only we can...

and of course we took pictures.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

a formidable group of women

Check Spelling
when the times are difficult... it is always your sisters and your girlfriends who are there to help you, hold you and tell you that they love you.

Timing is everything

for everyone that has come to see pictures of the wedding ... I am sorry to inform you that the wedding has been cancelled ... emotions are raw at this time however I am sure that Celia will be back in her groove soon.....and ready to talk.

A sign from above

o.k. so we have been surprising everyone with the news of the wedding that never was and how at just the right moment someone made sure that Celia knew she was doing the right thing.

So picture this... We are sitting in lobby of the hotel and Celia says that it just isn't the right thing and she is not getting married if it means giving up her family and all the things that are important to her. Bubbie looks up and this is what is on the television screen.

So if you were ever in doubt that there are signs from above... we aren't.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I've missed my calling

I missed my calling .... I am truly enjoying the prep part.....

I have enjoyed making the centerpiece.... It will be beautiful when the room is full of the lit center piece

Thursday, May 22, 2008

we are here

the count down is starting ...
First DeeDee and I arrived.... it was raining
Next it was Sam's turn to show up... it was still raining
and then it was time for dinner.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can you be in two places at one time

Ashleigh can....

That's rights Ashleigh has found a way to be at both the USY Regional Convention and Celia's wedding.....

Her puppets are becoming quite famous....

she makes them for everything and everyone.

So it is only fitting that she makes a set for herself.

I can't show you the whole wardrobe now.... but she has outdone herself.

She even got dressed up for formal.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A break from the wedding

With one week to go.... actually it really is one week from the start of the wedding I thought we would take a moment to catch up on everyone else.

Well today we (Ashleigh, Barry and Me) went to the Israel Festival , Yes it was 100+ degrees... but we figured Israel was a desert 60 years ago ... so we should have an idea of what that felt like.... I am soooo glad that Israel is now the land of milk and honey. Anyway The festival was very nice we had a great time, o.k. I had a great time. Ashleigh went with a lot of the kids from Hebrew High... so I guess she really didn't go with us after all what self respecting 16 year old would be there with their parents.

We saw all kinds of beautiful art work and all these agencies and then a really cute new group called The Neighbors of Chich even Barry was impressed by them.

After that we came home, and Barry made a wonderful dinner on his BBQ.

He is a crazy BBQ'r

And then there is Morgan... She has all of her AP's done and Prom under her belt (even though we have not seen any pictures yet hint hint Morgan)... I have her dress and shoes and we are just waiting for Friday to make sure they all fit.

And Samantha... she has been very busy up at UC Davis... well besides school she has been very involved with her sorority Sigma Alpa Epsilon Pi ... She just got back from Tahoe where they had their formal where she received New Member of the Year ... yeah Sam....

they also had a party called "Mortify Your Mother"

Yes that is Sam stomping for Obama.... how else would she mortify me. Oh and if you want to know who is in the pictures with her.... you will have to ask her???

Ashleigh is busy with USY and School and just getting ready for the wedding and Israel!!!

so with one week to go..... keep watching