Monday, August 30, 2010

One Last Wave and we are Empty Nester

and with that wave we officially became Empty Nester's...

So it was just 4 short years ago when I started this blog...because everyone was moving on with their lives and away from the house...

and it was 4 short years ago when Sam also made this trek to Israel but it is amazing how much can change in just 4 years... but that is all backwards not forwards

so in the very early morning on Aug 30th we (The Alfasso's and us) excorted these two beauties to LAX where we met up with 8 others who were also about the start the experience of a lifetime.

Nativ 30 a year in Israel one semester at Hebrew University and then one semester in Ber' Sheva (for Ash) or on a Kibbutz (for Matt).

so here we last one is off and now Barry and I are on our own learning how to cook smaller meals, not have to worry about car pools, I don't have to sign any strange it is to move to this next stage in our I will need to spend less time face booking and more time blogging because there are no excuses.

Friday, August 06, 2010

off to the River...

So my face book profile reads ...Wishing you a shabbos full of everything wonderful from the south fork of the American River...Ruach no that will be a whole other issue. Remember the power of the cyber hug. Shabbat Shalom

yes we are off again year 3 at the American River it is becoming a really nice tradition...same time every year (the first weekend of August) the same place (Camp Lotus) and the same people o.k. some of the same people.

The first year it is was just
The Bear and Me and his Rotary Club.

Year two was The Bear and Me and some of RGEB.

This year w
e finally have a kid going with us....
and that kid would be Morgan.
Now it's a 7 1/2 hour ride where
The Bear usually does the
driving ...
I do the navigating and computing,
face booking or blogging
and M
organ does the