Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So what is this?

Why it's Ashleigh and Sam all in one shoe....
No we did not buy it.

The votes are in...

Today we went shopping to finish off the outfit...


And a little black Jacket

to finish off the whole SHEBANG

as Ashleigh calls it.

Shomer like the outfit also...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What is the hottest commodity in Israel ?

O.k. so maybe I am giving myself a little to much credit but all the kids seem to want them. At least all the kids that Sam knows.

I know they like the pillows but the collages are quicker and can be sent via snail mail and e-mail.

I started doing these as letters to Mike the Greek back when he was in the Army and then to Morgan and Nathan when we were re-building the house way back in 2003. So these collages are not new but they are a fun way to keep those we love in touch with what we are doing way out in California.
So it really was a no brainer that when Sam went to Israel that I would send her letters on the back of my family friendly stationary what I didn't expect was the request for their own collages that I would get from the kids... including some of my own (Celia) anyway I thought you might like to see what we have been sending to Sam and some of the other collages that I have been creating over the years.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Back to Sunday with Rose

The family gathered on Sunday (almost all of us) to see Rose

... Barry made sure the chair didn't escape

Rose and Ashleigh focused on playing with Kennah. Who had a Water Doodle to play with a very cool toy that uses water to make pictures and then when the water dries and the drawing dissapears. It was looking like so much fun that Daddy had too be a part of the fun.

Eventually most of the other girls (Jolee Kylee were missing) made it to Bubbie's house where it was time to celebrate.

What dress do I wear?

O.k.... He said yes to Vice so now we are on the great dress hunt...

Dress Number 1

Dress Number 2

Dress Number 3

Dress Number 4

And last but not least is dress number 5

Now no good shoping trip is complete without at least one item that you did not intend buy... and this was a good shoping trip so...
So now it is your turn to vote...
let Ashligh know which dress you like best.
And just remember the dance is this weekend.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RGEB is moving

way back in November we found some new office space and after a little back and forth we signed the lease... and now the real fun is going to start. We picked out the paint it looks better in real life that in pictures.

We also picked out our carpets. Christine is really excited about this color. It is called copper rust.
We have talked with our IT guys and that won't be cheap.. then we had to deal with the phone (that is still in the bid stages) and furniture and movers and and and....
But this weekend we worked in the office emptying out stuff, taking stuff to storage and going back to the new space to see what had been done.

there must be something about this dress

If you look back to Aug of 2006 you will see that Sam, Morgan and Ashleigh fell in love with a dress at American Apperal. At that time Barry and I were laughing at the three of them thinking they were triplets in training. Well it got funnier when I saw this picture on Celia's Blog (details).
yes, it is all the same dress, just diffrent colors and diffrent bodies.

Monday, February 19, 2007

have UWinked?

Well if you haven't you should try it....Ashleigh and Bear went there while Bubbie and I were in Israel and they have been trying to take us there ever since... you are asking where? why UWink of course.

It is a very cool computer driven restaurant. Your party is seated at a table that has your name already on it and then you touch the screen to see what is on the menu. And then if you like it you order it. Including having the screen ask you if you would like to have anything changed, added or subtracted from your order. It is quite fascinating.

And then while you are waiting for your meal to come you play video games... yes you heard me right I played Video games at the dinner table.... But then so did Bubbie. It was a great evening with Eric and Rose I even think they had a good time.... and when you are in LA U should Wink.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Sunday with Rose

There will be more tomorrow... but she is here and helping in the kitchen...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rose is here

I have no pictures yet.... but will soon

Rose and her friend Eric arrived on Valentines Day as planed... they spent the night at Bubbies house and then went to get Eric's mom who flew in from Ohio. The next two nights were spent exploring the mountains of Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead... now she is back with us.

Tonight Ashleigh is have some Rose time they went to get something to eat and see a movie.... but tomorrow we will have pictures the family is getting together for lunch and for everyone to get to see Rose.

So tomorrow we will have pictures.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It is so nice to feel loved

It is not often that I give my bear the tribute that he deserves... but this Valentines Day .... he really took my breath away.
The cards and the roses, ... you got me!

Girls I know that you have heard me say this before but I can't say it enough..."I wish for you that you find someone that can make you feel as loved as Bear make me feel"

Then I know you will be well cared for and you will have someone to care about.

could you say no to this face?

Neither could
"football boy" ... the cookie worked and Ashleigh is going to Vice!...
I hope your Valentines Day was as good as hers.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dinner with Fifi

I have not been keeping up with what has been happening currently and I still have so much from Israel to still put up... but I can not continue to live in the past.
On Tuesday February 6th... Barry, Ashleigh and I drove over the hill ... to have dinner with Fifi. We went to The Grand Lux Cafe at the Beverly Center.
Now dinner was good and the company was wonderful. We caught each other up on our respective family members. But the highlight of the evening for me was when Ashleigh tried her first taste of the New Orleans Beignets. I enjoyed these before but Ash just melted... I believe she liked the raspberry sauce best but I could never be sure.
But one thing I know is that Ashleigh will be coming back for more Beignets... her new favorite dessert. So if anyone knows were to find them in the valley.... please let me know.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

You have to love Sunny Southern California....

today (80 degrees) we were able to take the top down and go out for a ride. Now that might not
seem like a big deal but it is the first weekend in February.... After our drive Barry went to watch the Super Bowl. I hope you all had just as wonderful a day as we did.