Wednesday, September 09, 2009

the start of a tradition

o.k. so maybe this tradition started way back in 2007, but we are really starting to like it. The Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after Labor day The Bear and I go to the desert. o.k. so last year we went to Laguna just before taking Sam to school.

But this year we are back in the desert relaxing in the heat of the day by the pool and then a walk or two around the grounds.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting with Debbie and now we are on our own. just having to enjoy all the things that the Westin has to offer.

So this morning we were sitting at the pool and then this afternoon we went to the was very nice Barry had a pinucalda massage and I had a blue honey facaltini I didn't name them I just enjoyed them. Followed by a little more laying around in the sun then a ride in the car with a great sunset to a little hole in the ball restaurant named Tooties Texas BBQ.

We had a great day and a great night and now it's time for a bath... how can you pass up a tub like this.

and then I am sure it will be time for bed.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

So here is my question?

You know when your driving into the Palm Springs area and you see all the windmills? How come some of them are turning and some of them are not?

Why are they not all spinning their little arms off making electricity?

And it can't be that the wind isn't blowing because the tower right next to them is turning.