Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Big Girls Club

Wow, when I think back to these 5 cousins when they first got together they were so young,

but time has an amazing way of moving on no matter how hard we try to make it stand still, it doesn't happen...
which is how I ended up going from pictures called Formation (everyone lining up in age order)
Way back in 1996 they were Celia (12), Nathan (10),
Samantha (8), Calli (7), Morgan (6) and Ashleigh (4).
This is them in 1999 Celia (14), Nathan (12), Samantha (10),
Calli (9), Morgan (8) and Ashleigh (6).

but time marches on and the girls keep growing so in 2006 we did one more formation shot just for old times sake Celia (21), Samantha (18), Calli (17), Morgan (16) and Ashleigh (14)

In July of 2006 we were not sure if or when we would ever get them all together again so it we had to just be able to enjoy who ever was together when we could.

so we now have The Big Girls Club

Celia (24), Samantha (20), Calli (19), Morgan (18) and Ashleigh (16)

I know that we will have many more adventures from them

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

catch up time

oh my gosh!!!! it has been 6 weeks and I apologize time just seems to be going faster and faster... so here is the quick up date with more details and pictures to follow:

Celia and I arrived home she started her new job and she has already moved to her own apartment Ashleigh is glad to have her bathroom back... but not for long becasue this Saturday Morgan will be out for spring break.  

This will be Morgans last visit under the auspices of the court orders since she turned 18 in January and she will graduate in May! Yeah although we are still in waiting to hear from colleges window

Samantha came down for her spring break went to Palms Springs for 3 days came back home and went back  to Davis for the spring semester but she will be back for Passover

Ashleigh has wheels...yes that right she drives so we never see her and she will be spending the summer the whole summer up at camp as a Madrich (Jr counselor) so we will be empty nesting again.  I am making my list.

So I am hoping for a little peace tonight and I will give you more details and some pictures.