Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Tofu Twin

What do you do when two kids decide they are going to be vegetarians and the rest of the family are happy little carnivores... first you think o.k. but then you realize that in a kosher kitchen how are you going to serve meat when you have 2 kids who are eating dairy.....yeah I know.... and that is when the Tofu Twins were born.

Well you send them to a place on Ventura Blvd called Your Dinner Secret where you can go to make a meal in advance and either bring it home and cook it that night or freeze it for later cooking and they will substitute tofu for meat.

It was a great experience the girls had a great time and they were able to substitute Tofu for all these other meat dishes. So far Morgan and Ash have the same favorite "Asian Tofu with Lemon Glaze" . After they made their first two dinners we started to talk with the owner and found out that it is a small small world....
And Stacy... Ronnie agrees with me you need to go here.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Now that your a Bat Mitzvah where are you going to go next...

Why to the Beacon of course

and who were our Beacon virgins? Rose, Sam and Morgan it was a great evening.

We had Ahi Tuna Pizza and it was wonderful I actually think that this was my favorite dish... but then there was the Stirfried Mushroom Salad and the Spring Rolls... ooohhhs it was all so good .

Wait I forgot dessert the Green Tea White Chocolate Cheesecake... no questions about it this was the best!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well it's Bat Mitzvah Day

The service is just going to have to be in the memory of those who were there, and What wonderful memories I will have. Bubbie and all of her B'nai Mitzvah's did a wonderful job. Yasher Koach to all.

But the Party...... well that is another story. All of Bubbie's girls were there and don't they look good...
of course this is one of the pictures that Ashleigh doctored a little....

And then there was Sam who came from Virginia

Celia and Sean were there, so were Michael and Anne who came to represent the Moroknek side of the family. We also had Nativ 26 and USY there to lend Bubbie support. Once the sun went down we did a little Havdalah and then as they say the rest is history... so here are a few more pictures for the record

Friday Morning June 22

This was just a day to get ready... a little more shopping getting dinner ready for Shabbos and yes the Bat Mitzvah. Daniel drove up from Palos Verdes to hlep represent Nativ Sama nd Rose were there and Michael was flying in from New York via Las Vegas to reresent the Glickman Moroknek side of
the family.

Now Michael and Anne didn't make it for dinner but there were with us in spirit. However there wereplenty of girls there to help us celebrate the Shabbat Bride.

Shabbatm in the summer is always a favorite of mine but when you can add all the family well, then it is even better than ever.

Thursday June 21 Arrival Day

Celia and Sean arrived from Portland (and met with the Rabbi)
and the photographer and checked out a few locations for the wedding.

The also managed to squeeze in a few dinners with family and friends.
The rest of us were just getting ready a little grocerie shopping and finding room for the food in the fridge. Sam Johnson came in from
Virgina and Rose picked him up at the airport.
And then Sam Hay came up from Palos Verdes and the girls had a
moment or two of bonding time. It was nice to see them all
(almost all) togther again... Morgan would not arrive until Friday morning

it's been so long...

and for that I do apologize... so lets see the last time I wrote Sam had become published and we were getting ready for Bubbie's Bat Mitzvah and Celia and Seans wedding is a year away...less than that now 11 months.

So where have we was a very hectic month since I last wrote but everyone came and Bubbie's two years of work paid off and on Saturday June 23rd she became a Bat Mitzvah! But before Saturday came Friday and for that matter Thursday...that was when everyone started to arrive.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Samantha is in the press

I know I have been less than diligent about my blogging... but I wanted to put this up before I lost it.... Sammie is in the news.

it was a wonderful trip and I know I I you all some of her pictures and as soon a Bubbie's Bat Mitzvah is over I will get them up.....