Sunday, April 03, 2011

Where does the time go

I am sitting here looking at the calendar and just like 4 years ago I am wondering where the time went?

So here I am with 56 days to go until Nativ 30 will be history and Ash will be home.

I know how is it that 7 months have already passed since she left? but it true. and I know what she has been doing but what worries me now is what I have been doing or what I have been doing with her room.,..

So what has happened since she left... well I have managed to fill her room up with stuff... now some of this is stuff that I have been mailing to her since she has left but the rest is well.... storage. So it's time to move it out and make room for Ash to move back into her room. But that will only be for a short while becasue she might come back in 56 days . She leaves again for Camp Ramah in 72 days

and then just 142 days from today she is off again to Sonoma State everything seems to be moving so fast.