Sunday, August 09, 2009

O.K. so here are some Pictures

so on day one we started at the campsite in Lotus and we rafted all day down to the lower end of the south fork on the was a great day....a few bumps and bruises....but it was still a great day.

We were on the river about an hour or so when we got to t
he point where we could jump out I was the first to go (this was my view from the river)

and then B
arry and Chrissy followed by Leslee.....

Michelle decided that she was not going to go in the river (so she thought, but we will get to that later).

was the first uhhhoh....the river was a little cold and Barry wanted to get back in ...but his vest was a little loose and Aaron (our guide) pulled and pulled and finally he got in but wait his a little tweeked....

and wait where was Leslee.... while Aaron was dealing with Barry Leslee got a little down stream... so Michelle pulled me in and we got Chrissy in and then we went after Leslee...and that was all before lunch

Where did you sleep?

and we are on our way home a little more banged up than last year ...but it was still a wonderful weekend.

If you remember last year we were in the little tent....o.k. so this tent is actually Christine's (can't tell will all the orange) but that is what we were in last year and Barry really didn't like having to get dressed laying down. So this year we waited and when we saw the sales start we did it....we bought our own tent

It's 10X13 and can sleep 6 if you really need to .... but personally I think it is great for just one queen size air mattress and room for all of our stuff and Barry really likes that there is room to stand up and get dressed.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Our Travel Buddies

last year Barry and I kind of did this alone....there were a few of his Rotary people but most of the people were new to me.... but this year it's different...we talked about this enough that we wet the appetite of a few members of RGEB.
So Christine, Leslee and Michelle have decided to take the plunge to speak and conquer the river.

Exactly what are we doing????

WE are going river refting on the American River the south fork of the American River to be exact it has over 50 different rapids ranging from class 1 to class 3. The Chart below shows you the different tpes of rapids and what makes them what.

Rivers with Class I flat water interspersed with occasional Class II rapids: waves 1-2 feet high. Using a self-guided watercraft is an option. *Best for young children and tentative adults.
Rivers with Class I - II water interspersed with Class III rapids: waves usually 2-3 feet high, passageways contain some obstacles. Rapids are challenging but not overwhelming. * Best introduction to rafting for the widest range of people.
Rivers with Class I - III water interspersed with occasional Class IV rapids: waves and drops 4 feet high and sometimes higher, difficult passageways containing some obstacles. Unintentionally falling out of the raft may mean an uncomfortable "swim". * Best for those with previous Class III experience wanting to try-out Class IV whitewater, and for athletic, adventurous first-timers.
Rivers with Class I - IV water and more difficult Class IV+ rapids: 4-5 foot waves and drops, complicated by difficult passages containing obstacles that require quick, precise maneuvering. Falling out of the raft and "swimming" in a rapid will be difficult. * Best for those with previous Class III or Class IV experience wanting a more difficult whitewater challenge.
Rivers with Class I - IV+ water interspersed with long, tumultuous Class V rapids: 5-8 foot drops and obstacles that must be avoided. Falling out of the raft means an extremely difficult and potentially hazardous "swim". * Best for those with previous Class IV & IV+ experience seeking the ultimate whitewater challenge.
Rivers containing rapids that are so difficult that safe passage is doubtful and chances of serious incident, injury and death are almost certain. If attempted and successful, luck deserves the largest portion of credit.

Gas on the 5

It's highway robbery....can you imagine? $3.79 a gallon O.k. so where did this atrocity happen? The 5 and the Stockdale Highway...and yes we did pay the ransom.
Los Banos was a little better....#2.79 if you pay with cash $2.99 if you pay with a credit card....
note to self: when you come up with Sam check gas prices.

Empty Nest or Revolving Door

So June was a very busy month...I went up to Davis to help Sam come down a day later she was down in Redondo Beach working for Camp Menorah. Then we took Ashleigh to Camp (she is a counselor now) then a quick trip to New York for business and then San Francisco for our anniversary and my birthday. After that we thought it would be a leisurely summer of breakfast, work, walks and time to do what we wanted to .... o.k. so we thought wrong

So we came home from San Francisco on a Monday and Ashleigh was home on a day off on Wednesday for 21 hours so by Thursday noon 1:30 she was gone.

But not for long...we had 4th of July to ourselves (and it was good) but then we had kids again...Sam came home for a weekend then Ashleigh was back for intersession and then Same came home with friends ....and then Morgan Arrived

While she was here we had another meeting of the Big Girls Club, a trip to Olivero Street and a ride with Shomer in the convertible. And just a quick as she was here ...she was gone but it was a great trip.

But we would not be alone for long Morgan left on Tuesday and Ash came home on Wednesday and left on a Thursday and then Sam came home on Thursday night and Barry took her to the airport today for a quick trip to Vegas....(Happy Birthday Julia), Celia leaves for Vegas tonight, Sam comes home Monday Morning and then leaves for Georgia, Ash will be home on Tuesday and then leave on Wednesday, Sam will get home Sunday and leave for camp on Monday...Ash gets home from Camp on Aug 19 Sam is done with camp on the 21st....and then we leave for Davis on the you think Shomer is as dizzy as I am?.

Just like last year ...well kind of

Empty nest or revolving door I was planning on one and ended up with the days and nights alone with my hubby and the dog....well they have been very few and far between... but this weekend it will be different.....o.k. no it won't we just won't be at home we will be on the South Fork of the American River with about 75-80 of our best friends (well maybe). So those of you who followed our adventures last year knew about our first river rafting trip, and we had such a good time that we are doing it again this year. Just like last year we will be going with River Runners And just like last year I am blogging on the what is different? well because we were speaking so highly of the trip last year and how much fun we had Christine, Leslee and Michelle from the office are going to join us.

yes that is them behind us.
Michell and Leslee are driving and Christine gets to ride in the back sea