Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Box from Gary

it was a box from Gary (Uncle Gary to most of you, brother to the Bear)... and without even trying Gary was finally able to get back at Barry for the confetti that always accompanies our invitations.... but back to the box... it was very thin... maybe 4 inches wide... but when Barry opened it ... it was a volcano of packing peanuts ... aka Ghost Farts, yes they were all over the office. But there was more than ghost farts in that box .... there was bubble wrap and boy did they wrap it well... first there was big bubble wrap and then there was little bubble wrap... but we figured out that it was a picture of some kind (yes between us there are 2 bachelor degrees and 1 MBA).... but we still needed to get the bubble wrap off it and it was worth all the energy... inside was a beautiful picture that reads Lehad-lick Nar Shel Shabbat and it is beautiful.

Thank you Gary....
But once the picture was looked at by all it was time to clean up...

Monday, August 27, 2007

quack quack quack

Monday was a great day...

we did the Freedom Trail

and the Duck Tours.
It was so much fun and the only thing that I can say was missing would have been if Ashleigh an Morgan were with us....yes Morgan, I know you have done this but I still think it would have been fun to have you along.

The day started with Barry, Bubbie and I took the subway in to The Commons and then Sam went back to bed for a while but she caught up with us later.

But we Walked the Walk and saw the sights of history. And as always when we go to somewhere that there are old houses it rains....

It wasn't to bad just very muggy ohhh so muggy...

We saw a lot of cemeteries including the one that Paul Rever was buried and the monument to burial place

we were also able to see where he lived and raised his families... yes he had a two wives and 16 kids... and I thought 5 was a handful.

Barry even went head to head with a donkey at the "Old" State House.

It was such a great day but it wasn't over yet.... we went quacking on a Duck Tour. Now these have been seen on many different Travel Channel episodes but all I can say is you have to do it. As we were walking around Boston we kept seeing these ducks... traveling the streets and the Charles River for that fact. We were about to go on it... no Sam didn't get to ride a pink one but she did get to ride a violet one

We saw so many different parts of Boston from the street and from the river.... some of what we saw was government in action.... like the 4 million dollar Charles River Skatepark that is years behind schedule.... and that is all part of the BIG DIG... yes Morgan we did see the Dig from many different angles.

And then there were the real importiant parts of Boston.... like the first Starbucks.

these pictures are for you Morgan

Friday Morning in Old Sturbridge Village

Well what would a trip to Massachusetts be with out going to Old Sturbridge Village...

and if we are going to an old village what would it be with out rain? (remember Williamsburg, and if you don't ask Ashleigh, Barry, Bubbie, Sam or Renee) That's right it rained and not just little drizzle real need an umbrella or poncho type rain.
But we went and we had a great time...

Barry and Sam made friend with a couple of bulls named Harry and Lance.

We also saw how people lived in the early 1800's and all I can say is I am glad I am living now.... I think Sam and Morgan are also...
They did learn to make tin candle holders... (I now have 1830 style shabbos candle holders)

but I just don't think they were too excited about milking a cow more than once in their lifetime...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We really did come for a wedding

and what a wedding it was... it started on Friday night (thank you Dad and Bubbie Celia, the rain stopped) with with a processional led by the little turtles.... yes one of those turtles is Paige. The processional was made up of the turtles, then the Groom and his attendants...(yes, one of the attendants is Rose)Then the Grooms parents (that would be Sam and Deb) and then the rest of us two by two carrying all of these offerings " the Grooms dowry". And yes, that is Bear with some Cambodian Cakes and then there is Sam and Morgan a.k.a. The Pair with the pears.

from that moment on it was just one new experience after another... the outfits were beautiful and there were a lot of them. So take a look at the Flickr badge and enjoy the wedding.