Monday, June 29, 2009

so much traveling and so little blogging

so much traveling and so little blogging..... but as part of my birthday (yes today is the day) resolution I will try to catch up.... so where have I been and what have I been up to?

well last week we were in New York for business and a little bit of family on Fathers Day. and then this weekend we (the we is Barry and me) are in San Francisco for our 11th anniversary and my 50th birthday.
So we did the touristy thing went to the wharf and had treif I know I will repent starting tomorrow. We also had the pleasure of celebrating with Gary, Holly and Erica on Saturday night at North Beach Restaurant, delicious not inexpensive but definite value for your dollar. If you are looking for good Tuscan food then this is the place (and if you are using mass transit, take the 30 bus and exit on Stockton, at Columbus)

So we didn't plan it this way but the Gay Pride Parade was this weekend (Gary, Holly and Erica were even walking in it) so we did what any tourist would ...we went to the parade but those pictures (that I can actually post) will have to be for another time.

So it's review time where did we eat and what did we do...

so breakfast came with all kinds of recommendations Sears Fine Dining well it was good but not great was Max's we actually at there twice in the city and the Barry got a pastrami sandwich from them at the airport, Sammie you want deli you need to come here.

We went for a ride (3 times) on the Cable Car it was fun to just stick the camera up in the air and take pictures...(that is when you really appreciate digital cameras, cause what ever you don't like you get rid of)

So we were down on the wharf on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday we went on the Red and White Bay Cruise it was nice we really enjoyed it just letting someone else tell you what you were looking at. When we first came out of the harbor we could see the Golden Gate Bridge.... but then as we went under the bridge (at least they said it was there) it disappeared into the fog.....

But we had a great time took a lot of pictures...I even let Barry use the camera...

I think that might have been a mistake......, there is something to be said about being on the other side of the camera.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bringing Sam South

Nothing too eventful..just a town full of caps and gowns is graduation weekend, but the only real effect it had on the plan is that there are no hotel rooms in Davis....So we are in Sacramento staying at a Four Points...very nice,, completely off the beaten path the gps says the address doesn't even exist but still very nice.

Ahhh but I have gotten off track ( I know what else is new) so Sam met me at the airport after an evening of celebrating (yes she is 21) the end of the term and that her 21st birthday fell during finals so they couldn't celebrate...

after a quick stop at Home Depot for some supplies we were back at Sam's Sorority House

to deal with the task at hand.... getting Sam packed up for the summer and bring her home.

This would be the before picture.

So we packed a little and then stop for lunch and to meet up with Adi at the Black Bear Diner and we even went to see Sam and Adi's new apartment

Yes that second floor balcony is theirs ....

so is the one little staircase to bring everything up....
but you will have to stay tuned to the blog for further updates on the apartment in September.

but I digress (again) we packed most of Friday and then went to Sacramento to sleep a brand new Shereton Four Points near the airport....

very nice but the only place I could find with
because of graduations weekend.

so this was the before picture

and this is the after one.