Saturday, March 31, 2007

Passover Cooking School is in session

It was a busy day filled with family food and depending on who you ask even a little fun...

We started with Chicken Soup:
2 whole chickens (including neck, stomach and heart)
6-8 carrots
2 parsnips (3 if they are small)
1 bunch parsely
1clove garlic
2 onions
1 heart of Celery leaves included
Salt and pepper to taste
Put everything into a large soup pot and then fill until there is at least 4 inches of water over the whole mess. Bring to a boil for about 5-10 minuets and the reduce to a simmer for 3 to 31/2 hours.
After the soup has finished cooking turn the flame off and let sit and cool for about a half hour. Then take all the stuff (everything that is not liquid) out of the pot and put it in a large bowl and set aside.
Use a strainer lined with cheese cloth to pour the soup through (it pulls out the little pieces and some of the fat) then package the soup in containers that can freeze. (glass is not recommended, but that is a story for another time) you can also freeze the chicken stock in an ice cube tray so you will always have 2 tablespoons of stock available when you need it.
After you have your broth packaged for freezing (it will last 2-3 days in the fridge 3-5 months in the freezer) it is time to move to the chicken pieces . You can throw out or eat the the veggies as you go along however the chicken pieces are what you trying to collect. Make a garbage bowl to throw things in as you need to but basically you will be throwing out everything but the meat. the bones, skin and veggies. Package then in about 1/2 pound bags and freeze.
Actually making the soup and the matzo balls will have to wait until Monday...
Matzo Rocha, Choroses and Moroccan Cigars will be in other posts....

Friday, March 30, 2007

What did you do on your spring break?

Well I stayed at the office, worked and got ready for passover.... but Barry and Morgan went to San Francisco.... if you want pictures you will have to talk to them about it.

Celia and Nathan are adults now and don't have spring break

Ashleigh will be staying with Fifi and helping in her classroom and then later in April they will be going to Cochella for a long weekend in the dessert.

But Samantha is starting her spring break today... the first thing on her list is that she made a whole Shabbos dinner (that is what she said) just her an Alicia. They bought the chickens at the shuk and had to pluck the feathers herself... pictures are suppose to be coming.

Then her adventure really begins she will be Rennana for Passover Seder with Jennie's family and then she will be on the beaches of Haifa with Alicia, Jenny and Jonah and a few other kids and backpack their way around Israel including the Shrine of Bab and a Street Fair in Tel Aviv. But then they will be going to Boombamela, Israels version of Cochella.

An excerpt from the Boombamela website:

Dear beloved people

We invite you to severance for a few days

from the shrinking reality

And to receive spring with a 3 days vacation in nature,

In Boombamela land which is placed at Nitsanim coast.
We invite you to spread out your wings to a world of life,

Freedom and release through music, art, and magical human creation
We invite you to go barefoot on the sand paths

And to stay a minute on a mat

that belongs to someone,that smiled at you for no reason.
He'll probably invite you to stay,

and you won't refuse because you are not on a hurry

And besides the light in his eyes will remind you

that you've reached the right place Boom

Boombamela tribe

And don't forget to read Boombamela's Guide to the festival at the very end of the website.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Passover wins

Well we are starting to get ready... the boxes are up.... . so passover wins with 12 boxes... who was it compeating with why Chanukkah of course. Passover cooking school starts Friday....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Practice, Practice, Practice...

A wonderful Sunday afternoon with Emily and Kennah at Shomrei Torah Synagogue.

David and Tracy went to dinner and we (Barry, Ashleigh, Bubbie, Emily Kennah and me) went to STS to have fun. Ashleigh, Barry and the girls took a short walk down the street to find Bubbie waiting for them and then the fun started.

First we had a little bit of leftovers from Purim with make your own picture frame and dress up for a picture. Now I know that Barry announced from the bima that he was renting his neices for a little Papa Bear Practice.... but it really was Ashleigh who had Auntie Practice. And I must say that she did a wonderful job. She got right in there with both girls happily showing them how to make the picture frames and then playing dress up with Kennah.
From there we were off to make a mess
on a mural and play with the green play dough.
From there we went to storie time with the Rabbi... now I must say that this was as much an event for the kids as it was for the adults as we were able to watch our 6'4" Rabbi fold himself into the little kid table so he could get down to their level. It was quite impressive

The day ended with Matza Pizza...

But we did go home for pasta after words.......

it was a wonderful time.... I am glad we were able to do it.
however as for grandparent (and Aunt) reality... take note all of you that this applys to....
we are not quite yet ready

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The walls are painted .....

the carpet is in and it is looking good! When everyone left last summer we hadn't even thought about it .... but by the time they (Celia, Nathan, Samantha and Morgan) come back to LA we will be in the new offices.

More pictures as we actually put something in the office.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Do you know what an Aggie is?

Why Sam of course.....yes she has been offered acceptance and she has taken it at U.C. Davis in the wonderful Sacramento Valley.

I am sure that Samantha has called the entire population of Davis to let them know that she is coming...

Sammie the Aggie

It has an interesting ring to it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where is Sam these Days?

yes I know in Israel.... but actually I just got off the phone with her and she is at Kibbutz Hannaton and tomorrow she is going paint balling. It's o.k. we are all safe I checked the Internet and there is no way that any poorly aimed paintball can get to us from Israel.
Just in case I have not brought you up to date these are the girls of 171. This picture was taken before Sam's escapade in the kitchen... However they are all doing well and I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of what is going on in Be'er Sheva and else where in Israel.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

A wonderful morning in shul, followed by a beautiful afternoon 85 degrees and sunshine...

which is what made us decide to go for a ride in the convertible.... Ashleigh, Barry, Me and yes Shomer. His (Shomer)favorite thing is to go for a ride in the convertible.

We went to the office to get the sodas for Hebrew High, and some paperwork for Sunday afternoon.

Ashleigh, Shomer and I waited for Barry down in the parking lot. And then we parted ways... Shomer and Barry went home.

And Ashleigh and I went to pick up my new sewing machine and it is sooooo cool I have been having fun all afternoon. in between laundry and other things that need to get done.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

bubbie practice

yes I know ... not quite what I was thinking about doing on this second Thursday night in March. There are basket ball games to be played and watched... and in the case of UCLA cried over. But that is not what I am doing, I am sitting at my brothers house ... listening to see if they are sleeping ... I am not going to look just in case I am right .... and I was half right one down one fighting it....

I have just returned to my computer from the mandatory potty run... 1 hour after you are in bed if mommy is not home... but thank god Mommy is home and aunt Renee is out of here.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Schmaltz is the word

it was great ... everyone loved Barry's costume and this was probably the best Magilla reading I have ever been to.

You all basically know the stories "Esther" and "Grease" So here are some pictures and some links to video....
(Barry prancing down the isle)

(Talley has grown up and knows how to work a room)

USY did a great job.....
you wold have been proud of all of them.

You wouldn't believe it... but Zander did such a good job on Look at me I'm Mordichai (sung to Look at me I'm Sandra DEE).

Jew the one that I want!

tonight is vice

First we blew it dry... then we straightend it and I can say that she was looking good.....

and then the door bell rang, the dog went crazy... and we rushed down stairs ...
Ashleigh just because and me to make sure I got pictures...they don't call me the picture Nazi for nothing.
Anyway here is the official picture. It is 11:30 and they are still having a good time.

Shomer is ready for Purim

Shomer wanted to try out the wig that Barry was going to wear...

But once Barry started to put his costume on Shomer was not to sure about what he was seeing........

And yes that is Shomer as the poodle on Barry's skirt. so the schpeil is called Schmaltz (aka Grease) and Barry is suppose to be ... well I don't really know what he is suppose to be...

So enjoy the pictures and there will be more... when we get home...