Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Feel Pretty...oh so pretty....I feel

pretty and whitty and gay....

well maybe we just felt tired...

With apologizes to Stephen Sondheim.

But it was a wonderful day at the bridal shower (more of that in another post) followed by a wonderful time as we searched for just the right bridal gown....and one for Morgan by proxy.

There will be more pictures later... I have to go get Ashleigh
Even Barry got a present ....... a Father of the Bride cap.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Purim Time

Purim it is one of those holidays that when you are in the midst of it all it seems fine but when you go to explain it to someone it just seems soooo wrong ..... lets see first you are suppose to be so drunk that you don't know right from wrong or Mordecia from Haman... and then when you get to the adult version (yes the real story is a little more x-rated than you were taught in Hebrew school) we have naked women running around and refusing to run around and when there are naked women ... you can rest assured that there is some other wicked stuff taking place in the palace.

But that is the real story ... what we usually celebrate is the G-rated version... Hamen didn't like us, actually he wanted to kill us (us being the Jews). Mordecia gets his cousin Esther to marry the King (he is single because his first wife Vashti made him angry) and then when Hamen tries to kill the Jews Mordecia saves the day ...Lets Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Oh yes and then there is the carnival.... and the magilla reading and the only question that your kids (or grandchildren) is interested in talking about is:


so here are a few pictures of what my little ageles have been over the years.

Wadah with Samantha 1990

Barry and Shomer 2007

In 2005 Samantha played the Purim Bride with Calli and Ash as her attendants

When Sam was on Nativ 26 she was actually able to celebrate Purim for 2 days one day in the Old City of Jerusalem and then Day 2 was in Bersheva ....

this is in the old city please note the sleeves and shoulders of the dress and space between Cynthia's skirt and bra...

This picture is from day 2 where the people did a little more celebrating.

Over the years ... the girls have changed a little and they will probably be really pissed that I am putting these pictures up but... hey I 'm the mom and I have the pictures...

Celia in 1995

Calli and Ashleigh in 1992

all 4 girls in 1992

even Barry and Bubbie got into the Purim spirit in 2007

Thursday, March 20, 2008

hey Shomer what do you think of partnership?


Because they let me help paint their Purim Costume. ... If your wondering about the orange will just have to come back and see what they looked like at Purim.

but when they made UBLECH (corn starch and water)

I decided to get out of their way

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've got a Partner!

She waited and waited and waited
then we drove all way over to Sinai Temple
only to wait a little more

and then we heard them say... They are here!!!!!

Ashleigh was looking and looking but didn't know who she was looking for... and then from out of the crowd there she was in a pink sweater her partner


And now they are a team

And after that it was time for dinner.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Going to a wedding will never be the same

It use to be when we went to a wedding we would just watch the wedding and enjoy the moments however now as the day is approaching .... a lot quicker than you might think....

so close that I am looking at everything from a completely different prospective.

So we went to Pam and Adam's (Barry's Jewish Little Brother) wedding on March 8th. It was beautiful and very personal. Rabbi Ian made us all feel like we were under the chuppah with them.

The colors were beautiful browns, creams and orange . Pam was a beautiful bride and the dress was quite dramatic.... we had plenty to look at as she went up the isle.

Everyone at the wedding knew all about Barry and Adam's relationship...but for the rest of you here is the quick version.... Barry joined Jewish Big Brothers way back in 1973 Barry was 28 Adam was 8 but that was the beginning of a life long relationship. Barry had such a good influence on Adam that he wanted to give back... so he has also become a Jewish Big Brother... so does that make Barry a Jewish Big Grandfather??

Any way it was a wonderful evening... and here are a few more pictures to prove it.

Celia, I took a lot of notes.