Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Schwarmer's and The Dome on the Rock

I know what a combination.... but that is what it was and actually I am not quite sure what order they went in ... but knowing Sam

It was probably the dome first and then the food. but Sam, it is so nice to see that you are eating.

Sam is Having fun

It has been a great 3 weeks, and I wish I could tell you who the other girls are other than the occupants of room 301. Well one one is Cynthia from New York and one is Marlee from Canada.
But they are having fun.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What is kapparot?

Every year, before Yom Kippur, some Jews perform the ceremony of kapparot. The following, in question and answer form, is a discussion of the ritual and its relation to the treatment of animals.

Kapparot is a custom in which the sins of a person are symbolically transferred to a fowl. It is practiced by some Jews shortly before Yom Kippur. First, selections from Isaiah 11:9, Psalms 107:10, 14, and 17-21, and Job 33:23-24 are recited; then a rooster (for a male) or a hen (for a female) is held above the person's head and swung in a circle three times, while the following is spoken: "This is my exchange, my substitute, my atonement; this rooster (or hen) shall go to its death, but I shall go to a good, long life, and to peace." The hope is that the fowl, which is then donated to the poor for food, will take on any misfortune that might otherwise occur to the one who has taken part in the ritual, in punishment for his or her sins.

Well I personally have not tried it but Sam has.

Monday, September 25, 2006



No this is not a Fiddler on the Roof song.. o.k. it is the name of a song but I am not going to sing but I am going to wax about changing traditions and grieve a little about the loss.

The Jewish holidays are full of so many wonderful traditions and yes as the joke goes they pretty much all center around food. Growing up I remember getting to help my Bubbie (Bubbies mom) cook for the holiday as I was telling my mom the other day one of my fondest Passover memories was when I was 8 years old ( you had to be 8 to use knives) getting to make Chroset all by myself (o.k. there was supervision but I did all the work) in her big wooden bowl with the crack and her chopper. Now for me this was a strong memory because I can close my eyes and see it as if it was yesterday. As time when on the holidays moved from my Bubbies house to my momÂ’s house and about 12 years ago they moved to mine and so did the traditions and the memories.

I realize that for families to stay together there have to me more than rules and rituals that hold them together there have to be emotional ties. Memories of times in the past that were so good that you want to pass them on to your children and grandchildren and so on and so on. I also realize that when a kid grows up and moves away to start their own life that they will take some of the traditions and keep them intact but others will be adapted to blend with the newenvironmentt that they are now in. Which brings me to where I am today.

As I am still cleaning up from last nights dinner (yes I miss my dishwashers and dryers) I realized how lonely (or ronrey to quote Ash) a kitchen can be when you are cooking alone. It is amazing how many wonderful memories are made not at the event but preparing for it.

Celia has been my Su Chef and always there to help and in doing so learning how to do it herself (I hope the Portland brisket came out well). And Sam I am out of chicken soup and the thought of making more with out you first dancing with the chickens is very sad, so I think I will be using cans for a while. Which leaves just Ash and Me and Bubbie (her job is chopped liver and I still need to learn how to make that one) and since Ash was in school yesterday she was not able to keep me company so her job was just to be the Official Taste Tester to make sure that there is no e-coli in the carrots, (don't worry it is a joke that will only be understood this year in California). And she did a pretty good job if you ask me, I don’t think there was a single carrot left to make anyone else worry.

Sometime I worry about what traditions the next generations will cherish will my daughters carry on family traditions and have everyone over for certainan dinners or will distance keep them from each other. And then there is always the dilemmama that my mother did not have to deal with..Divvyingng up the family heirlooms. How can I pass on all the traditions to all of my children and grandchildren (eventually). I also worry about my nieces how can traditionsns be passed down to them when they only visit the event and do not actually experienc what goes into getting there. With the thought of my daughters all growing up and the possabilitiy of not having their families local, I worry that my nieceses will not carry on the traditions because they only now how to come to my house and they will not be able do it them selves since they have never learned and do not know the why or how of many of the traditions that they enjoy.

I have rambled to long.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Celia and Morgan we did not forget you

Don't think you are not loved it was just that you took longer to upload and for me to sit down and do an entry... it has been busy here and you have both been missed. O.k. maybe it is just the slave labor that you provide but you are missed.

The holidays are just no the same with out you. This year it was just Ashleigh and me doing the cooking o.k. it was me doing the cooking and Ashleigh doing the taste testing... amazing, after she had done her job so well that we had anything to serve to anyone else.

There were many messages of love and good wishes for everyone who was not with us

The Gledhill Crew was wishing Celia and Sean a Rosh Hashana but Morgan you have your own fan club.

The Jumilla Bugs had their wishes to share with Morgan and with Celia and Sean.

And there are so many more of us that are wishing you a 5767 filled with good health and many moments to make good memories.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sam this one's for you....

And now that I have done this one there will be more.

(sung to the tune of me and my arrow)

Sam and Her Bubbie...dadada..dddddd

She loves her Bubbie ...dadadaddddd

o.k. so it's only 2 lines

And Sam's Bubbie lovers her too.

As 5767 Approaches....

Next week we Jews will begin our 5767th year on this earth! Who would have believed this possible? If anyone had told Abraham that his people would be around this long he probably would have been astounded.

Imagine, we did this without beheading anyone on TV, without a single suicide bomber, without kidnapping and murdering school children, without slaughtering Olympic athletes and without flying airplanes into skyscrapers.

We lasted this long despite 400 years as slaves in Egypt, 40 years of wandering in the desert, the mighty Roman army who nailed us to ten thousand crosses; despite the best efforts of fervent Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, Hitler's third Reich, Stalin's gulags, Arab wars of annihilation and 100 years of hateful terrorism, hundreds of hate-filled UN resolutions!

How did we Jews do it? We survived by concentrating our efforts on education, love of family, faith, hard work, helping one another and a passionate dedication to life no matter what evil befell us!

We hung in there in hope the rest of the world would one day overcome it's hatreds, jealousies, violence and join us in a life of cooperation and mutual respect.

We're not there yet, but we're still hopeful. And when so many of us enter our places of worship next weekend, this is what we'll pray for with all the strength in our hearts.

Best wishes for a New Year filled with health, happiness, laughter, success, joy, and kindness and may this coming year bring peace and security to Israel and to the Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

5767 and counting!

L'Shana Tova

From The Bruin Boy Bunch

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sammie Is In Israel

and having a great time I might ad. I was very happy to see that she did get in front of the camera.

Boy did she get in front of the camera

She has started her Mini Mester and is taking 3 classes

1. Jerusalem through the Ages: after a lecture about somewhere in Jerusalem they get to go there it sounds very exciting.

Then she has to pick 2 of the following classes: Introduction to Israeli Society, History of the Arab Israeli Conflict, Jewish Texts and Historical Context or From Anarchy to Monarchy. Which ones do you think she picked.

I am still waiting for Sammie to send me her own pictures.. hint hint.

Friday, September 08, 2006

She Made the Team!!!!

Yes I know you are asking who and what team...

Well the Who is Ashleigh
And the What Team is Comedy Sport.

Yes I know you were thinking football, volleyball, swimming But not our Ash... she went out for Comedy Sports (no I didn't know laughing was a sport but I guess it is). She made the Sof-Frosh team.

I know you are asking your self what exactly is Comedy Sport. Well have you ever seen the show "Who's Line Is It Anyways"... well think of a very intense version of it. There are timed parts and just slapstick parts... but no matter what you have to make the person laugh. Barry and I think Ash is going to be just fine.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Just a quick update... we have just heard from Sam and she is in Israel, and in her room and off to her first group meeting.... it is 11:15 at night there. Yes it was great to hear her voice and to know that she is there safe and sound.

She is in a very small room " no mom I mean really small" with two other girls one from New York and one from Canada.. Ayh just for you Tracy. Well that is all I have to report at this time.

We looked really hard and we found it!!!!!!!!!!!

A 7-11 because someone we love dearly (Shari Lorch) has decided to get us all hooked on Slurpee!!!!!!!!!

We rode up and down on the Laguna Trolly (that is fund all by it self) and way down at the southern end of the ride we found it... the only 7-11 in Laguna Beach

We had a great ride and wonderful slurpees that lasted all the way back to the Surf.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

She really is gone...

I know I promised myself that I would only be writing about Laguna this weekend however I can't really upload pictures until i get home (don't know why but at least flicker works).

So I just wanted to let everyone know that Sam is in the air and just 12 hours away from landing in Tel Aviv... Sam when you finally get around to reading this remember that we love you.

so hopefully I will sleep a little better .. and with that good night

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Where oh Where Did our Wahoo's Go?....

Oh Where oh Where can it be......
We came to Laguna to eat Wahoo's Tacos....
Please bring back my Wahoo's to me....
With everything else that was kind of sad this week (Celia leaving, Sam leaveing, school starting) Ashleigh was looking forward to a Laguna Tradition of Wahoo's Fish Tacos. But imagine their sadness when we walked up the street only to find out Wahoo's empty... not just empty of people and decor but really empty nothing not even the name up or a sign that says "Wahoo's will be back" all that was left was the empty building.....
The Wahoo's Fairy has heard your cry and the rumor is that Wahoo's will be back in March of 2007.

Friday, September 01, 2006

What Is Laguna Beach????

It is a place that memories are made... Although some of the pictures will have to go in later when I get home and scan them in but I can see them so vividly in my mind.

I can remember the first time I came here with just my Parents and Celia she was 3 and we had a wonderful time just exploring the city and all the different Art Festivals even though our favorite was and still is the Sawdust Festival.

I can remember watching my two girls all over main beach. That was a tradition, after dinner we would walk down to the beach and play in the children area. He thought them how to jump off the jungle gym and land like the gymnast do.

But unfortunately time changes and so do the things that we weave into our traditions. This trip was a little different for us we are here with only one kid but Ashleigh and Barry and I were looking forward to: Wahoo's but they are gone~Jamba Juice but they are gone~walking through the Big Dog store (o.k. that was just Bear) and it is gone, I have also found out that two of my favorite artist at the Sawdust festival have passed away in the past year.

So time moves on and now we cherish the pictures a little more (they will be on as soon as I get home) and look for some new memories to make.