Friday, July 03, 2009

4th of July one year later

This weekend one year ago I started building my little terrace garden.... no one was around and the time was right so my garden was started. and maybe if I was lucky I would get something to grow. Well lets just call last year my learning year I had a nice little harvest that was good for for one meal. But that was last year...

but lets move on to March of 2009 when I planted my new little garden with tomatoes, pumpkins, artist gourds, garlic, spearmint, yellow squash and zucchini. I hoped that maybe one or two would take...but I had no idea of what was about to happen.... this year was going to be a little different than last

I was very excite when by May 31 the first two bins of my garden were really starting to finally starting to grow...I even planted a few more tomatoes plants from Howard Gertz in in the third bin and everything was good.

but then things started to change I should say grow and on June 11 I noticed that the pumpkin and gourds were starting to creep into the next bin and you could see the growth every 12 hours... and then the tomatoes also started to grow

on June 12th I went up to Davis to help Sam move back back home for the summer.

we were back home by June 14

I found that there was a pumpkin and the tomatoes were starting to ripen

but then I also realized how big the pumpkin plan was starting to get.

by June 18th the plants were growing into the third bin and we jokingly started to call the plants Audrey 2.

on June 20th Barry and I left for New York and Audrey was just growing up the wall of the third bin

but 3 days later when we got home Audrey had already gone up and over the wall and was creeping into the third bin

we were home for 2 days only to leave on June 26th for San Francisco for a long weekend

but the fact that I was not home didn't stop Audrey from taking over

So when we left Audrey has started over into the third bin

but when we came home

we found that Audrey had taken over and was moving into the fourth bin. I don't know when she will stop but I am not sure how safe it is for Shomer to go with me when I water.

well I will update this as the summer goes on.