Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Political Correctness run amuck

Wednesday was an fun day..... besides tasting Beverly.... the stomach flu.... a 15 degree drop in the temperature.... We had the pleasure of going to see Spamalot at the Wynn hotel.

It was such a great show and there were so many enjoyable songs. We loved every one of them however I was so saddened to find out that the one song "You Wont Succeed On Broadway" that we just thought was soooo funny was the only one that is completely ignored in the gift shop. I was told that was the one song that seemed to upset people. And that sometime people would walk out. I couldn't believe it, and I think it is time for people who have such a thin skin to do their best to protect society and just not go you don't have to be entertained.

Now it's a soap box moment: I am so tired of the world bending so far to the politically correct that the world has no color, no life, no humor no spark... it is just pure white and no one is allowed to have any humor because someone might be offended. The world needs to be protected from the thin skinned in society.

What would you do for $2

.....If you asked me I would not have done it but Ashleigh did....

She finished the glass of Beverly.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Have you tasted Beverly yet?

You have not tasted anything until you have tasted Beverly, an aperitif that Coke makes for it's Italian Market. Ashleigh and Bubbie found Beverly at the Coke Museum on the strip Monday after we parted ways with Bubbles and Allen. They went off .

They hit the M&M museum and the Coke Museum and Cokes Taste of the World display. For $7 you have the opportunity to taste 16 different sodas that Coke a Cola makes for different markets around the world. You have Kin Cider from Ireland, Vegita Beta from Japan Kinley Lemon and Krest Gingerale from Israel and yes Sam drank both of these last year when she was there. there were many flavors but the one that Ashleigh talked about the most was Beverly from Italy. A clear soda that she couldn't wait to share with her sister Samantha.

Bubbie and Ashleigh were talking about it all night and made us promise that we would go back as soon as Sam got here, o.k. she allowed us to wait for Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning came and aside from the fact that I was feeling a touch of stomach flu it was nothing compared to what Ashleigh set Samantha up for. We made it to the Coke Museum, on the first floor Barry posed with the Coke a Cola polar bear we always like a Bear and a Bear.

Then he posed with the girls and the same bear.

Then it was time to go up to the 2nd floor where we were able to have some Coke in a Glass Bottle, and Sam got to taste Beverly.

Sam has not yet decided how she will get Ashleigh back ... but if I were Ash I would sleep with the lights on at winter break.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bubbles and Allan

Out timing was great and we were in Vegas while they were in Vegas. We had dinner last night and then breakfast today... and then they went back to New York.... but we did get a few pictures before they were gone.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

thanksgiving in Vegas issue 1

There will be no order to these entry's I will just be happy to get one up once a day.... yes I know I missed yesterday to today is for Saturday and Sunday.

Is she having fun or what?
we arrived, unpacked, the groceries were already here waiting for us (great deal) and we went of to explore Vegas.

Now I have to tell you we were not prepared for what we walked into.... right across the way from us is this place called the Miracle Mile Shopping Mall It use to be the shopping mall attached to the Aladdin but not any more. Now it's Planet Hollywood and it's OPEN. so picture this... as we are walking through the shopping center then through the casino and there was security and paparazzi all over the place we had not clue as to why but we found out .... Planet Hollywood Las Vegas was having it's grand opening and we were trying to get out just as they were trying to get in... that was not an easy task... but we managed.

We went to Bellagio to see the water show and have a little ice cream... we will be back later so Ashleigh can look at all the art for a school project.

On Sunday we went to New York (New York New York), Egypt (luxor) and Camelot (Excalliber) It was fun Ashleigh made me an origame tulip from her Jewish Origami book. We finished the evening with Bubbles and Allen at a Brazilian BBQ.

Way to many Good-Bys

I have been doing this blog for 16 months now and have just had way to many people to say good by to. Jane last April then there was Mark and Norman in July.

and now Joel

When someone who is older passes away we are sad but move on comforted by the fullness of their life.... when someone who is young is taken from us we are sadder because of the unknown potential. But the hardest loss I think is when they are in the prime of their life touching people in so many ways sometimes when they don't even know it. and that is where I am left with regards to Joel Schickman. A year ago he was a young rabbinic student with three wonderful little boys a beautiful wife and a voice that could draw anyone in, and know he is gone.

It is with great sadness and tears that just come out of nowhere that I say good by to Joel, you will forever be in my heart and thoughts.