Sunday, January 18, 2009

as our time winds down

I have not given enough blogspace to our friends the reason we are's one of those stories where when you look back you realize that our paths were meant to cross..... many years ago (1997) there was an ad in our old synagogue newspaper (the issue announcing Celia's Bat Mitzvah) offering a house for sale.... 5 bedrooms and the Las Virgenes school district ...we went to check it out....

and the rest is history...Leslie was the Realtor that was offering the house and she ended up being the Realtor that was buying the house and then she did Marty and Stacy's house and Bubbie's house and then David and Tracy's house and then we coined her the official Realtor to the Glickman-Cohn family...but she was more than that she became a member of the family she also became famous for her slut sweaters...

Just about the time we moved into Indian Hill Lane .... Leslie and Bill moved to Oxnard.... not just Oxnard but the Beach in Oxnard it was a fabulous house full of art and antiques and just all kinds of stuff that screamed Leslie and Bill. But they were not there for long... because shortly after they got everything situated Bill retired (kind of according to plan) and they followed their son to Portland Oregon.... yes the same Portland that Celia is in (and having them up their was a relief when she moved up there) but Portland as we all know is cold in the winter months (we really do cause we have visited them twice in Nov, it is cold)...very very cold soooo when it gets snowy and cold where should you go? why Palm Springs of course....which brings us to this trip.... to see Bill and Leslie and Maddie

I Want That!

there are times when you come across something and you just know that it is soooo right for you....

well this is one of those things...
and you know what goes great with it.... NO!!! get your mind out of the gutter

BATH BOMBS from natural body and bath we got some at the street fair and we had the grapefruit last night and then we will be trying California Sunshine tonight...

The first time we used this tub was in Sept of 07 and we liked it then so now it is only better.

Mexican, Itilian, Sushi all in one place

I know what a combination... but it was a delicious combination.. We went to dinner with Leslie and Bill at Margarita Restaurant I know you might think with a name like Margarita that it would be just Mexican.... but nooo everything was sooo good. The garlic bread was great so was the stuffed artichoke and the sauteed mushrooms. The Margarita was good also.
But the best part of the meal was being with Leslie and Bill and reminiscing about when we use to go to a Eric Ericssons on the pier in Oxnard and have a glass of wine and nothing but appetizers.... ohhh the memories.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A beautiful Saturday

What a great morning... we went to a little street fair... o.k. so it wasn't quite little but it was fun

and then we went for lunch

(that would be Barry's fries)

and now we are back in the room .... with Bruin BasketBall on the telly and in a minute I will be going to the pool to study my Torah portion.... for Woman's League Shabbat..(2 weeks)

This is a beautiful day
and Morgan and Nathan's hanukkah box finally arrived!!!!Yeah

Shabbat Shalom

Yeah I know blogging on shabbos but when it is this beautiful you can't wait to show it off. Where else but Southern California do you get to see snow on the mountains while your wearing shorts and enjoying 85 degree weather (eat your heart out all you New York relatives).

So where are we you might ask... we are spending the weekend in the desert with some really good friends who are down from Portland Leslie and Bill.

Last night for dinner we went to a great pizza place called Matchbox Vintage Pizza unbelievable delicious Pinot Noir from Five Rivers Winery now I am by no means a wine connoisseur but ohhh this was so good we have put it on our shopping list.

So after a great dinner we walked a little got some fudge and came home it was a wonderful friday night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

it's been so long

and I am offering my sincere apology for neglecting the blog... but I am hoping to catch up this weekend...

So where am I well I am sitting in one of my favorite blogging spots... the passenger seat of Barry's convertible... we are going out to the desert for the weekend...90 degrees in January... i love southern California.

Well we are stopin for lunch so more later.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

going back to Davis

This is going to be one of those long all over the place type entries....(because I have been chastised for not keeping up with my blogging).

So remember back a year and a half ago when we took Sam up to Davis? well today Sam
went back to school with Rodney (I know your asking who is Rodney? well we will get to that later)... and this is what the car looked like before we even put Sam's stuff in.... yeah, getting a little full... But we did manage to get all of Rodney's stuff in and Sam's stuff... including her Hanukkah gifts from Celia....the car will be smelling good for the drive up...

But with the gifts finally... unwrapped and in the car it was time to say good by... Shomer needed to get one last kiss in before Sam left.

Just a friend has been upgraded

So way back ...last year ....May 18th to be exact I had used this picture in a blog entry but the young man had no name.... as a matter of fact if you asked Sam who he was it would have been "oh he's just a friend".. I know we didn't believe her but that was her story and she stuck to it.

When Asheligh went up to visit Sam last year she told us of this guy who was Sam's friend... and she liked him he was nice.

When Calli and I went to pick up Sam for the summer we were also able to meet Sam's friend Rodney...and all she kept saying was "He's Just A Friend!" and besides it doesn't matter cause he's leaving for the Netherlands for a semester...

so all summer long he was known as "Just a Friend Rodney" but we knew better and towards the end of the summer Sam gave Rodney an upgrade from "just a friend to boyfriend"...

But he still left for the Netherlands (so he says, because when ever I heard about what he was doing he was anywhere but the Netherlands) but time passed quickly and before we knew it he was back..... just in time to drive down from Davis with Sam so she could leave for Israel (I know I kind of missed that from the blog...but she was there from Dec 14-30). But eventually she came home and he picked her up up at the airport....

which brings us to today.... the day that they went back to Davis first Sam went over to Rodneys so they could get his stuff in (remember he hasn't been at school officially yet) and then they came to our our house for Sam's stuff... and believe it or not she had less stuff than him.

and where we started this entry with her on the lap of "just a friend Rodney" I am ending it with a picture of her on the lap of "boyfriend Rodney" and they are currently on their way up to Davis.

you can tell the difference in status by the wardrobe....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nativ 26 comes for a visit

O.K. so it wasn't all 81 kids in fact it was only 5 but it was 5 of our favorites. First they were known as Bubbies boys

Daniel, Fox, Bubbie, Yoni and Sherman
and we had such a good time with them when we were in Israel.

It was a great way to start the year... and it was even more fun when Morgan called the house and we let Sherman answer.... why was it funny, well besides being a friend of Samantha... Sherman had the pleasure of being one of the Staff people for Moran and Ashleigh this summer.

We would have called Ashleigh but it was 5:00 in the morning in Israel so Sam just kept him for herself... until Morgan called.


Bubbie, Barry and I had a good visit with all the kids.... listening to them debate the finer aspects of a "good education" but it was Shomer who really had a good time.