Sunday, February 22, 2015

Where oh Where does the time go....

 the last actual entry was Sept of 2011 and for many reasons all legit but none worth listing I took my sabbatical and now I am back and hope to keep up.

When I started this blog in 2006 it was because my children were graduating school and moving to all parts of the world and my motto for this blog was

"Our family is growing and moving on as it should be and even though we will not always be together in the physical sense.... I hope this will be our place to keep everyone together in the emotional sense."

Facebook, Texting and Instagram  have made seeing easier but sometimes the stories are lost.

We are down to only one kid left on the payroll (college). Of my 5 blessings aka "children" we have two in Los Angeles, one in Sonoma, one in Arizona and one in New York.  We have had a wedding and all the pleasure of making things for it. We had an empty nest but now we have my mom aka"Bubbie" living with us.  The storage unit aka"my house" is constantly under transition things coming things leavening and no matter how much leaves I feel like there is no room and no organization.

But what has brought me back to the blog well it would be Purim 2007 Samantha wanted to show her boyfriend that Barry really could dress up... this year will be good also because he is going to be Mordaci  in Shormrei Torah's version of In To the Woods .

So now I will try to remember how to add some pictures.


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