Saturday, June 18, 2011

our last orientation

how did it happen....I can remember taking her to the bus on the first day of kindergarten.... and now we are talking about dorm rooms...oh pardon me Sonoma only has suites and apartments...l don't remember college living to be that nice (but I digress).

So we are now proud Seawolf Parents, the orientation was great probably the best one we have been's a nice small school and as such people get to know each other.
The library (donated by Charles Schultz) is sad and exciting amazing...the technology that they use for book retrieval is sad and exciting at the same strolling the shelves looking for a book...and the dewy decimal system...will my grandchildren even learn how to use it? oh there goes my digressing again... Another great feature at Sonoma is the Rec Center complete with Rock wall and $39 60 minuet massage...this is not the way I remember college.

golf cart on campus

But then again we didn't have Amecci pizza delivery truck when I was in school either.